Dragon Scales!

My daughter has a reptile called Spikina.  As you can imagine, she is a bit spiky, both in looks and in temperament!  Anyway, she has the most fascinating skin.  She is a sort of ‘bleached bone’ kind of colour with hints of yellow.  If she is cross or gets too cool, she goes a mottley dark grey.  So, this got me thinking about the beautiful textures and colours found in reptiles and amphibians.  Take a little leap and join me in the mythical world of Dragons!  Dragon scal beads are not a new thing but there are endless variation on how to do it and so the possibilities are endless!  The main beads above were created using an Effetre Ivory base with SIS (silvered ivory stringer) with a dollop of Double Helix Elektra (a silver glass) on top of the SIS blobs.  This was all melted in and the Elektra ‘reduced’ to produce that gorgeous turquoise silvery shine.

Another variation is below,

These were made using a dark green Reichenbach base, SIS, then a blob of the green on top.  The gorgeous tone of the green is accentuated by the use of spacer beads crafted from the same glass but instead of being left shiny (mmmmm…I love the feel of shiny glass, it’s so addictive to just have a handful!), I etched them to give a pleasing contrast.

Yet another variation was used for a custom made commission.

I really enjoy making these types of bead and at the end of each torch session, I usually make a couple of Dragon Scale beads using different variations.  So far these have been half inched by the little boys in the family, who love them!  One of these days I will make myself a necklace with Dragon Scales!


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