The ‘Arabian’ collection

Sometimes, I get a flash of inspiration.  It just pops into my head, probably as a result of subliminal images, sounds or whatever that soak in over time.  Anyway, before I get sidetracked, as I am apt to do, I woke one morning thinking about glass (as you do when you are addicted to the stuff!) and what colours I could use for my idea of eastern promise, sandy dunes and what I saw in my head as a sandstorm – incidentally, I subsequently looked up images for ‘sandstorm’, and they actually look like a mucky dust cloud rather than the somewhat romantic spin I have put on it…..still I managed to create the image from my imagination.  This is what I came up with.

Most of  gorgeous creamy peach pink beads have been etched.  This entails taking off the shine to leave a wonderfully smooth and silky feel.  I have included some contrasting beads to compliment the sandy beads, which gives the piece more interest.   A lot of the beads are infused with or contain fine silver I have also used seed beads and silvered beads for the luxurious finish.  I adore the colour of this glass!

I made a little pair of matching earrings.

The ‘Sandstorm’ led me to Bedouin tents and harems (don’t think they are related in any way but it’s just the way my mind was working!) and Turkish Delight…and this is where it all led me!

I have started thinking about the next piece in this collection… watch this space!


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