‘Arabian’ Collection, Part II

From sandstorm and Turkish delight – visions of heat baked sand dunes, dazzling shades of white in the blazing sun with muted matte complemetary colours that almost defy description.  That will be ‘SandDune’!

I was aiming for a crisp, contemporary feel for this piece and the silver with etched beads gave me what I was looking for.  The matching earrings were designed to be simple but elegant and to give that extra touch, I used some really lovely french wires to finish them.

The final piece in this collection is the ‘Eastern Promise’ necklace.  From sand storms to harems, to sand dunes and back to storms.  Dark swirling clouds in an early evening sky – blues and greys, pinks and yellows – all viewed in fast forward time-lapse photography in my head!

I have finished the collection now – I think!  Never say never! 🙂


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