What ‘Jelly’ Did For Me (Inspiration 16-11)!

I once had the privlege to go snorkelling on a coral reef in the Caribbean sea.  There was a tiny, tiny island of soft white sand in the middle of the most beautiful turquoise ocean (well, it might not have been the actual middle, but you get the idea).   It was so small, you could walk the perimeter in about 3 minutes!  In reality, it wasn’t so much an island, as a sandbank, that might have changed position if you went back another day!  We had to get to it by boat, which ran out of fuel on the way back….but that’s another story. 

The sand dropped genly off so we could walk to the reef, which was reached by swimming through a rather choppy little channel – those of you that know me, will remember that swimming is not my strong point and that it was a real act of bravery for me to get through that channel.  There was a storm brooding on the horizon, which I am sure was affecting the reef entrance channel and added to the paralysing fear I was experiencing.  Imagine (unfortunately I don’t have a picture) a grown woman in a mask, a snorkel, flippers, bandana  AND a lifejacket, wading out to a coral reef and then attempting to battle the rough 6 feet of water to get to the reef…..I wish I could have seen myself!    Having conquered my fear to a certain degree, I now realise that the lifejacket just made things worse, in a ddition to making me the laughing stock….!  I have no shame.

The kids were feeding the fish that swam just before the channel – we were surrounded by them…why didn’t I think of the feet dead skin fish eating thing!

Just beyond the channel, the reef dropped off dramatically.  It was the most beatiful, place and the colours were gobsmackingly stunning, vibrant.  Take a look at some images of coral reefs, then times the beauty by 100 and that’s the sort of experience I am talking about.  I was terrified (deeeeep water…remember the lifejacket!) but so in awe of this spectacular sight!  The coral was beautiful and the diversity of living creatures was mindblowing!  I have had a thing about coral ever since.  So, below are a few glassy creations from my internal photo album snapshots of coral reefs, and the inspirational images I posted the other day!

Happy days!


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