A New Year Begins…

I think we are all over the festivities at this point, so I thought I would just wish you all a happy new year and get down to business!  Unlike my last job, I probably had two days off and then it was back to the torch!  It is not just a job but a passion. So, if I am not making beads or jewellery, I am thinking about or reading about making beads and jewellery!  Only a little bit obsessed…

I have had a fair few sessions just messing around on the torch and doing a bit of metal work, so I thought I would show you what my ‘research’ time throws up!

Galaxy Beads


The first three beads are to be developed – I have a new collection ‘seed’ in my head.  If I don’t do anything about it soon, I may just get branches growing out of my ears!

The Universe is in here, along with a few CZ’s!

There are some CZ’s in the pink one too – been experimenting with this to see what I can do with them before the bead explodes! The pink one is to have silver hand made caps and then cored in silver!

I have been doing lots more along the ‘seaside’ theme.  Seeing as I live on the coast, it seems rude not to!  I can’t tell you how tempted I was to include a sharks fin in the pool of the first one!

I turned the second one into a Fibula (ancient toga/clothing pin), used for scarves and loose knits.  I couldn’t decide whether to make a pendant with it or not…

A little crop of them I am quite pleased with!  I love making Murrini, which is how the ‘sea anemones’  are made – think seaside rock, it is made like that.  Please ask if you would like more explanation.  I will happily explain how to make a basic murrini pull!

That last one brings me to the meta lwork side of things….. in addition to my addiction to glass, is an addiction to tools!  I have been trying to develop a bead liner – that is, a tool to make lining beads with metal tubing easier.  They are very expensive items, and I currently do mine by hand!

Some capped and cored beads.  I want to make some decorative copper bead caps in copper clay – there are not enough hours in the day!!

I am loving encased flowers at the moment and was very pleased with this piece – it has had a lot of interest!  And a couple more BHB’s and Fibulas!


The other thing I have been working on is Dragon’s Eyes!!  I am an avid reader and love Robin Hobb’s books.  The first couple I did were to test the water.  There are many considerations – base bead; colours for twisties for iris, shape/colour of pupil; colour of eyelids, shape of eyelids, etc, etc.  I wasn’t too happy with the first attemps – too ‘cute’!  So they are baby Dragon’s eyes…my daughter has commandeered one of them!

    So I did a few sketches and came up with this one!  Much more threatening and ‘Dragon like’!  The glass I used in Silver Black – a strange beast that alternates between a metallic look and high shine.  It is perfect except for the fact that it doesn’t like to be worked for too long.  I will continue with my reseaarch but have a good idea of how to achieve exactly what I see in my head now!

Finally, February will be upon us before we know it, so I have made a couple of hearts to warm the cockles!

   I heart you all…take care of yourselves! 🙂


8 comments on “A New Year Begins…

  1. Thanks 🙂 Always gives a little lift when someone likes your stuff – and I know that you appreciate how it’s made, so it’s a double compliment! Have yet to perfect the Dragon’s Eyes. Am experimenting with colours now I know where I am going technique-wise.

  2. Have you considered using electroplating to core your beads? The costs and time involved with coring are high, whereas a with a plater you can do copper silver gold or palladuim and ofc plating bonds to the bead surface unlike coring. Certainly a worthwhile look at

    • Hi there. No I haven’t! It would be something else to think about for sure. It’s not my area at all, so would probably have to look at the equipment needed and of course, the time to learn how to do it! Advice always welcome 😉

  3. A rectifier some some etching solution some copper wire and the willingness to play with some of your 2nds, its something I’m exploring at the moment, there’s no shortage of info out there in internet land, its just putting it together in your application 🙂 I’ll be posting my gold plating results as soon as i have some products I’m happy to out out into the public eye.

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