Competition – Win a Dragon’s Eye Bead!

I have decided to make a whole range of Dragon’s Eye beads as I absolutely love making them – they all have a little character of their own!  The latest in the series I have been perfecting is called Shesha…She went into the kiln last night and when I got her out this morning, she was most definately a ‘she’!  The range I am planning will contain all sorts of colours and textures and will vary in size – I am really looking forward to creating more of these beasties!

In celebration I am launching a competition.  I need a name for the ‘Dragon’s Eye’ range.  All Dragons will be named when they come out of the kiln, based on their personality but they need to belong to a ‘clan’!  All you have to do for a chance to win, is to pop over to my FB page and ‘like’ it, then leave your entry on the competition thread!  The winning entry will receive a unique Dragon’s Eye bead!

The date of the draw will be announced both on this Blog and on FB.  Get your thinking caps on……! 🙂


Update:  The competition is now closed.  A lucky winner provided the name of the dragon clan and from now on, all Dragon’s Eyes produced by me will be a part of the Guardians of the Gods clan!


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