Jewels & Dragons…

Just to remind you all that the competition to name the Dragon’s Eye collection is still running.  All you have to do for a chance to win one of my unique Dragon’s Eye beads is to hop over to my Facebook page!/turnerrowedesigns , ‘like’ the page and post your chosen name in one of the Dragon threads!  Update:  The competition is now closed.  All Dragon’s Eyes are now part of the Guardians of the Gods clan!

So, two more to add to the collection were coaxed from the glass on Saturday.  One blue eyed black scaled beauty.  Juvenille female called Hamiri.

And a fiery eyed, rich red mature female ‘Matriarch’ with a few irridescent scales dotted around.  She is called Kashini.

I am collecting quite the little family!  They are particularly nerve racking to make – they take quite some time as you can imagine, and with many aspects that have to be worked individually, it is a bit of a challenge to keep the whole bead hot as these are not small beads – cool spots mean cracks and cracks mean tears before bedtime!  I also find that I hold my breath a lot whilst doing them and I sometimes get a feeling of euphoric excitement but I think that is probably down to oxygen starvation!

Now for the ‘Jewels’ part.  Just a shameless parade of beady goodies I have been busy making since the last posts!  Starting with beads…

and a few  jewels!

I hope you enjoyed todays offering…until next time, thank you for reading 🙂


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