Just a Bit of Fun…!

Like everyone else, I have been working like a demon for the last few months for the run up to Christmas and then afterwards to replace the stock sold.  Well I have now caught up (for the time being) and have been having a little bit of fun!  Besides the new Dragon’s Eye range I have been working on, I have been developing the Goddess theme and now have quite a collection of ‘girls’!


The gorgeous ivory and silver lady above, is on her way to her new home  and you can see her here. http://zannesbazaar.blogspot.com/2012/01/my-new-bead.html?spref=fb

Some of the Goddesses have been having their own fun… 😉

I am very pleased with these little beauties and have learned quite a lot about Goddesses when researching their names!  A couple of less sculptural girlies…

I am now focussing more on trying to include little nuances of the female form, but having to work fairly quickly puts limitations on what I can achieve by making them in one piece.  It is vital to keep the whole bead warm (when I say warm, I mean hot, hot, hot!), which can be tricky when your lady is 3cms tall!

I have a few more, but I will save those for another day!  Now for the really fun part!  Critters!  Now these beads still present the same challenge of keeping them hot whilst working on a particular spot but the main danger area is small pieces of stringer pinging off when you least expect it when you are working round the other side of the bead… or melting in a bit that is supposed to be sticking out!

I have had such a great time making these lovelies – I hope you enjoy looking at them!


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