I Can Smell The Sweet Scent of My Grandmother…

This post originally started out as a showcase for my new line of rings and a few other bits but has surprised me by turning into a bit of a trip down memory lane!  I will leave the original beginning in…

Posting and running today – made some jewellery and yummy beads already and just put the kiln on because….I Have New Frit!!!  It’s playtime, she says, *rubbing her hands together*!

Before then and while the kiln is heating to garaging temperature, I have a few bits to show to prove I have been busy and not lounging around because there is a bit of snow outside!

Rings – been thinking about these for a while now.  Have had them tested and they are perfect for dress rings – I wouldn’t do the gardening in them though!

I have an outlet for them already and I wear mine a lot – I had to have one, or two – I need to test them on an ongoing basis 😉

I have been continuing to work on my Dragon’s Eyes and there is a new addition to the family – she is the green one on the right.   

A few beads 

A Goddess, Aine – Irish Fairy Goddess of brightness, glory , splendour…

And finally, a necklace and earring set that reminds of my Grandmother.  I used to stay with her on occassion – she was a formidable capable woman (I think I take after her ;-)) who clipped dogs, did her own decorating and kept chooks in a big cage in a terraced house garden!  She believed children should be seen and not heard (these days I tend to agree with her!)  She used to feed me almost raw boiled eggs (yeuk! and made me sit there until I had retched myself stupid) and let me stay up until 10pm to help with the crossword.  She had a feather eiderdown with a pink silky cover and a polished dressing table with a pink glass set thing, that you put bits and bobs in and her bedroom had a distinctive perfumed tacum powder smell.  She had a ‘front room’, which was kept in pristine and polished condition – the room was full of what would now be classed as antique furniture (as kids, we thought it was awful clunky old stuff).  It was a mysterious room as we only got the odd glimpse now and again!   She had a bone china tea set with violets on it and drank Earl Grey tea.  She died many years ago.  I loved my Grandmother…

While making beads a bit later, I will use the thinking time to go back in time and remeber all of those little things about my Grandparents that I didn’t realise I thought I had forgotten….if that makes sense!  Life is short and we are a long time dead – live like you mean it!! 🙂


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