Do Frogs Have Arms?

It’s been a manic few weeks, so, having woken up at silly o’clock this morning I thought I would do something useful!

I have been making a lot of serious beads for customers, galleries and a local jewellery making studio but I always fine time to use new techniques/glass/styles!   Some of you may recognise the spotty/draggy style of Kristina Logan in a few of the beads below- I watched a live stream of her at work at the Corning Glass Museum…awesome!


Having got into the sculptural side of making beads (have yet to have time to do more ‘off-mandrel’ stuff), I have been having some more fun with critters, in between making serious beads – a girl has to have some fun!   Having had a few customers that liked the frog beads, spiders and the odd lizard,

I was asked by one of my US ladies if I could make turtles….and I found that I could!  And as it turns out, I can also make tortoises 🙂

My ‘girls’ are still the most popular though, with most of them going to live in the United States – I am considering offering a personal delivery service!

Oh, and I found I can make elephants too!

And after all of that, I cannot for the life of me remember why I called this post ‘Do Frogs Have Arms’, but while we are here….do they?  😉


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