Sunny Artisan Day!


Well yesterday (24th March 2012) I set up my first market stall at the Canterbury Artisan Market – this is most definately a different kettle of beads to the craft fairs I have attended in the past!  It all began days previously with laballing my stock (individual beads – gah!) and making what can only be described as contraptions, to display beads – you will have to imagine the scene as I ommitted to take pictures – mainly because I couldn’t move for string, hand made tags and piles and piles and more piles of beads!

So, apart from me leaving my bag at home (doh) and the copper poles that comprised the most important part of the bead display contraptions, the day dawned at silly O’clock in the morning on the 24th.  You couldn’t see more than three feet in front of you for the fog!  Oh good.  I love getting chilled to the bone and damp to boot!

Setting up took the best part of two hours…mainly because both Laura (my lovely friend who helped me set up) and myself are not the tallest people and needed to balance on dodgy wooden boxes (wine crates :)) to do anything at all!  Armed with balls of string and scissors, we managed a rough approximation of an ‘arty’ table full of goodies!

Now I realise that to some it may look a bit messy, but there was a method to my madness!  I didn’t want it to look like a pristine stall where people might be afraid to touch, so I deliberately arranged things to be touched – but no licking was allowed (note to self – laminate a sign to that effect)!

So, having ommitted to bring the lovingly sawn copper tubing to fit the holes in the uprights of the bead display contraptions, Laura had to race around the shops at 9am (we had already been there for one and a half hours by then), looking for a suitable alternative – genius lady, she found bamboo poles, which I think look rather good!

Finally the stall was finished!

That’s me holding the corners of my banner, which kept curling up!  Doh!  I did get tired after about 30 seconds and gave up!

Time for the hoards of people to surround my lovely stall……ok, well four anyway!  Sara and Debs were the first to stop by to say hello – thank you 🙂

Had plenty of people to talk to, including the other stall holders – luckily I was between two lovely people – one was a lady who has a candle shop in Palace St, Canterbury and the other makes gorgeous solid silver ‘stone-age’ axe heads (among other things) and can be found at

Phil, who I used to work with in Swindon,  stopped by with his lovely family and I also saw Nahfiza, who I hadn’t seen for a few years – congratulations lovely lady! 🙂

Dee travelled all the way from Bexhill to help out and we had a lovely time chatting, laughing, selling and messing about with the stall arrangments to fill the growing gaps!

And as you can see, the sun put in an appearance and for a couple of hours we all sweltered! I met some fab people who were quite happy for me to spout passionately about glass bead making, in exchange for me hearing their story!

All in all a successful day, so, see you all next month either at the Whitstable Umbrella Community Centre Oxford Street, Whitstable (Sunday 22nd April) and/or at the Canterbury Artisan market on the 28th April, where I am planning a big surprise!

Yay!  Summer is upon us! Have fun! 🙂


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