Pat In The Spotlight!

I thought you all might fancy a bit of a change, so today I would like to show you some work by Pat or Patricia Woodford, designer and tutor of beading.  Quex Park is in the sunny seaside town of Birchington.  Among other things, which I forget, there is an historic house with a quaint museum a kids indoor play area, a park area, a garden centre and a craft village.  Link here:

Pat has been beading for 12 years and teaching for 7 of those!  She can be found in her workshop in Birchington, Kent, most days.  I wonder how many local people know about the craft village at Quex Park?!

Pat can be found in her workshop teaching classe 5 days a week – she designs her own patterns and teaches a very wide range of beading techniques – there is something for everyone!  She stocks all of the supplies needed to make the wonderful creastions I am about to show you -heh hem, including my lampwork beads 😉

The necklaces below contain beaded balls (!) and beaded knots and funnily enough, they go beautifully with lampwork 🙂  There are endless variations to create!

The stunning piece below is embrodered with seed beads and 21 rivolis’ had to be embellished prior to starting the necklace!

More examples of embroidered jewellery are the cuff necklace and bracelets below.

Crocheted ropes are made by threading each bead onto the beading thread in pattern sequence before crocheting!  The geometric shaped beadwork is constructed using many different beading techniques.


Then there are the flower power fun statement necklaces…every single accent beaded on!

Below are a few more styles!

I spend one of my evenings over at Pat’s place, beading, chatting and drinking tea!  I can thoroughly recommend it!  I hope you have enjoyed seeing Pat’s work.  I plan to blog about the work her ladies produce soon 🙂  If you fancy having a go yoursef, I am sure she will be more than happy to see you at Quex Park!

Until next time, live long and prosper….ooh!  I saw a Dalek today!  I wish I’d had my camera with me…doh!  Signing off for now, nanoo, nanoo 😉


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