Holiday? What Holiday!

Hello one and all 🙂  As per usual, all is manic in my studio.  Commissions to finish, an event in the popular seaside town of Whitstable, the Canterbury Artisan market at the end of the month and next week…..FLAME OFF!!

Flame off is an annual event organised by Tuffnells Glass, where all sorts of glassy addicted people get together to play.  There are lots of torches and tools to play with, glass, tool and bead swaps (I am getting some Fire Lotus, copper mesh and a masher!), charity auctions, demonstrations by experts, sellers of rare and exotic glass and related paraphenalia (oops, I dribbled on my keyboard :)) and a party!  I received a two day event pass for Christmas (thank you Amber :)) and I am dead excited to be going!  The holiday period is a non-event for me, in my attempt to make up time prior to my impending trip…but am I bothered?  Nah!

I made myself a celebratory lady to wear at Flame Off!

And then I got to thinking about creation and rising again, which led me to a whole train of glassy thought (as if you would expect anything else ;)) – the following two Goddesses reulted from my musings.  The first is rising up from the primordial soup (ooh!  get me, talking all arty!) – I used the most murky glass I could find, wrapped it in silver leaf, which I have mostly melted in, etched her and then used a gourgeous striking glass (not in that order), not etched, to give the most striking contrast.  To date, she is my favourite.  The second I imagine shooting up out of the water and as you can see, she is still dripping! 🙂  I used another earthy glass, but much paler this time, with one of my favourite watery glass colours.  Again, I have etched her body but left the ‘water’ glossy, for a good contrast.

I have at least one more idea taking shape, which I will be working on later today!  I am all fired up!  Yes, I know, groan……  😉

In addition to the beautiful ladies, I have been playing with the underwater theme… again.  Sherry Bellamy makes the most amazing ‘shipwreck’ beads (dribbling again) – I have used a technique that she uses in the creation of the following three beads.  I have also used a technique from Mary Lockwood (another glassy genius) to create my swimming Jellyfish!

Those ocean floor beads take an age to do – lots of breath-holding – but I love them!  They will be a lot easier once I have my new masher!

I have been making plenty of new stock, both beads and jewellery…

That last piece, with the Keishi pearls, I am particularly pleased with – it’s part of my Bridal range – I am working on a matching bracelet!  And I almost forgot about this final piece – I made her in three pieces, to be worked into a  seed beaded extravaganza – I put her together on a wire wrap just to have a look see, so I know the proportions aren’t especially correct at this point 🙂  Not so sure about her head – I may leave that off…which leads my train of thought to Medusa – I can just see myself making a head with snakes and a fist holding onto it, just like in the film!!   No?  Maybe not then 😉

Todays tip: If you make a bead with Dark Matter, wrap it in silver leaf, gently flame the silver and then reduce, you will get this gorgeous gold shiny effect!

So, to those of you who are putting your feet up over the holiday period, enjoy!  And I will be back after Flame-Off, probably in a frenzy of excitement, with lots of pictures! 🙂  See ya, and remember, life’s not a rehearsal!


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