The Power and the Glory

I am talking about women.  The female form, life giving, nurturing, strong, powerful women.  I have been making Goddess beads for quite a time now and they are evolving to reflect how I see the women around me and the women in my life.

I recently met a lady when I was at an Artisan market in Whitstable who sent me links to a programme being aired by the BBC, which was all about Goddesses – take a look if you get the chance.  It is about the evidence that has been found to support the theory that women were part of the birth of organised religion.  You know when you get goosebumps when something ‘clicks’, like a doo, doo, doo, doo….doo, doo, doo, doo (sing Twighlight Zone tune) moment – well I got that when watching the first of the series (Goddess programme, not the Twighlight Zone).  They stated almost word for word what I had been thinking when starting my ‘Creation’ series of ladies!  Spooky!

I had been developing a theme around these powerful beings being ‘birthed’ from the elements.  I know you have seen her before, but she was one of the first… forged by fire, born of the flame.

I know the thoeretical primordial soup isn’t strictly an element but when I think of the creation of the world, I see volcano’s spewing lava, fire, chaos, and beautiful swirling  primorial gloop – the second creature is emerging from the gloop and setting like cooling lava into the most gorgeous curvy fecund shape…

Then the water ladies – how I love making these – striving to introduce anatomical correctness and creases and crevices of the flesh, with glistening water droplets…

More water – variations…mermaid-like, deep sea…and oh yes, that last one is for the sky -red sky at night, shepherds delight! 😉

Going on from the ‘Creation’ beauties, my mind had wandered to the concept of emergence – a natural leap really, a bit softer and subtle – and more closeley representing the women around me – emergence from childhood into womanhood, emergence from pain and strife into brighter, happier times, emergence from ignorance to understanding and the emergence from artistc restraint to freedom!

And my favourites – representing the birth of and transition  to feminine power.

I am still on the Goddess journey and am celebrating the power and the Glory of women everywhere -I hope you have enjoyed looking at my creations and will follow my journey!  In case you were wondering, my ladies are between 50 and 60mm tall 🙂

On a completely different note, I was honoured and touched to have been nominated for the Versatile Blogger Award by Paula, a lovely talented lampwork artist   You will be pleased to know that I am in the process of writing my acceptance speech, Oscar style….not really, only joking!  I will be posting about this shortly, nominating the next bloggers to recieve the Versatile Blogger Award, so please watch this space! 🙂

Thanks for visiting and make sure you live the life you want – we only get one go! 🙂