I Don’t Get Out Much…!

It’s been total mayhem here in my studio!  My diary is overflowing with events and I am constantly melting glass and making beads, buttons, rings, wine bottle stoppers and anything else I can think of!  My gas ran out earlier than anticipated and because of the recent bout of sunshine, the stockists had run out because of BBQ’s!!  Luckily I had my demo bottle to fall back on 😉

So anyway, I have been beavering away making stuff!  I have been making a lot of new Goddesses in preparation for the Goddess Conference in Glastonbury in August  – I have been invited to show my creations at the ‘In Her Image’ art exhibition, so am looking forward to a five day ‘holiday’!  I have very kindly been offered accommodation by my good friend who lives very close to the venue!

In addition to the above excitement, I have acquired a second oxycon, whose name is Andrew (Andy for short) to work alongside Matt.  An oxycon is an oxygen concentrator, whose job it is to provide accelerant to the propane for a hotter flame.  Hotter flame = faster working = more beads!!

Had a bit more fun with critters – owls this time, by request 🙂

I have also found myself to be the proud owner of a Japanese Beadmaking book – Tonbo Dama and a pile of Satake glass with which to play!   Satake glass is much softer than the glass I have been used to working at – it has a lower melting temperature, so it’s quite contrary that I have now got more firepower and for the new glass need a lot less!  I will not be deterred though – I have alread had a go at making Japanese style flower cane – I only had one mini explosion in it’s construction!  I managed to put it all together and it’s currently in the kiln annealing.  If it works, I will show you next time I find a few minutes to write a blog 🙂

So a few more pictures of glassy bits and bobs and then I’m off to melt more glass…

Thanks for looking guys – hopefully it won’t be so long before I can write again! 🙂  The kiln is calling – live long and prosper and treat yourself and each other kindly 🙂


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