Been playing!  Got me a new lentil press, a book on Japanese beadmaking techniques and a load of new inspiration!

TonboDama has me dribbling – oh the beautiful beads of the Japanese beadmakers!  Absolutely amazing and they are so intricately detailed you can’t help but ask the question ‘how the heck do they do that’!  They use a different type of torch and much softer glass – Satake – I managed to lay my hands on some but have yet to play with it – I would like to improve my techniques before attempting to use the very expensive Satake!

Ok, so my flower murrini need some work…there are various ways of constructing them but to make sure you have enough detail, the gather needs to be biiiig and I need looooong arms to pull it!   Anyway, I am reasonably happy with my first attempts – what I really need is a trip to Japan and a nice long lesson from Ayako Hattori!

So, back to the lentil press – I am not a great fan of presses.  I like artisan beads to look hand-made and not manufactured on a production line – but I LOVE this press ( I might even save up and get an even bigger one)!  Most of my beadmaking focusses on glass chemistry – reactions giving different effects, the use of colour,  inclusions and encasing plus the sculptural aspect but the lentil press gives the freedom to ‘paint’ with glass on glass as there is a nice big blank area to fill in!  So far I have had a go at animals and flowers, a few of them are included here – my favourites are the ‘stylised’ flowers and the funny animals! 🙂

The animals are so much fun to make – I will definately be adding more species!  Make sure to get in touch if you would like me to have a go at something specific! 🙂  No promises mind – my first cat bead with it’s paw dipping in the fish tank looked a little like a fox being sick…so I am told 😉  Flowers next…

My post wouldn’t be complete without a few of my Goddess beads 😉

You may have noticed a couple of clothed ladies – aka modest Goddesses!  And the snail – I was asked to make a snail with the shell swirling the right way as allegedly,  snails are usually represented anatomically incorrect!

Finally, hearts.  My heart, as most people already know, is as black and cold as a lump of coal, wizened and knarled with a little worm inside it but the glass is changing all of that and below are a couple of pictures of my heart as I see it now – still twisted but not at all bitter! 😉

Thanks for looking 🙂  Don’t forget, this isn’t a rehearsal – don’t put anything off – follow your heart, treat others how you would wish to be treated and have fun!  Big hugs, mwah! 😉


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