My Real Name is Lydia..

As in Lydia from the Beetlejuice movie, who is strange and unusual 🙂  Thats what I like to think anyway, so please feel free to call me Lydia! 😉  So what has that got to do with lampwork?  Basically, not very much, except that my imagination takes me on wildly veering journeys of style 🙂  I have been continuing with the lentils but also revisiting some of the old stuff and developing a few more organic/odd/reactive bits and bobs.

I was asked if I could do cats – well, there was only one way to find out!  I felt the need to have a bit of a giggle, so most have goldfish on the reverse – but the shark!  Well, it had to be done 🙂

So from fish tanks to mermaids – a logical jump in Lydia’s world 😉  These are rather beautiful, even if I do say so myself, so I may make one for myself!

So what’s next?  Ah, the twisted hearts – I think the little black worm that resides in my heart has gone on holiday!

I am not keen on the neat hearts on the market – maybe its a because I am not a terribly ‘neat’ person – I like the reactions between various glasses and the asymetrical shape of free-form hearts.

So, now for a few of my ‘girls’.  I keep thinking that I should go on from my ‘Creation’ and ‘Emergence’ series, but I am not finished with that idea – the glass calls to me and I am compelled to use certain combinations 🙂

And finally, as I have such a short attention span, which is why melting glass is so appropriate for me (apart from big sets…oooo, how I fidget and squirm when I have to make more than three or four beads exactly the same), the rest…!  Back to an old favourite – Dragon Scale beads, before and after etching – these sold within hours of posting pictures!  A purple lizard having lunch – not everyone’s cup of tea but he was almost snaffled by my daughter when she saw him!  Seaside beads – always a favourite and something I tend to make while waiting for inspiration to strike!

Shipwreck beads are something I love making – I enjoy making all of the little implosion components and fiddling with filling in the spaces with gubbins and wotsits 😉  Owls are fun – this one didn’t start off as an owl.  I was making a ‘bubble’ bead over some Ekho frit and it didn’t quite work how I wanted it to – so I thought, I Know, I’ll turn it into an owl, which I did.  It was only when retrieving him from the kiln that I realised that his hole ran horizontally through his body and not through his head, so you can guess what will happen to him, when he is strung on anything!  Doh!

A couple of bracelets to show the total diversity that can be achieved with lampwork beads and what you put them with and lastly, my favourite necklace – it had to be done!

I had a couple of ‘mardy’ days this week but you know what?  It’s such a waste!  We only get one go on this planet…if we waste the time waiting for the ‘right time’ or being a misery guts, well, that time is lost forever, we can never get it back, so be happy, make yourself happy, treat others how you would like to be treated and don’t wast a minute!  Big hugs everyone 😉  Bit of fun for you 🙂

PS.  This is dedicated to Brenda 😉


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