Goddess Conference 2012

Hello again!  If you read some of my previous posts, you will be aware that I was invited to attend this years Goddess conference in Glastonbury, to show and sell my work at the ‘In Her Image’ art exhibition.  The Goddess Conference is an annual event, drawing people from all over the globe to celebrate Lammas, join in workshops, listen to speakers, connect to peers, gives thanks for this beautiful planet we inhabit and generally have a wonderful time.  Below the images are a view of Glastonbury from the Tor and the main centre of the town.

Glastonbury, or Avalon, is a special place in the South West of the UK that is steeped in history, myths and legends.  It has a special energy which has to be experienced. It draws people back, time and time again and I can understand why.  The people I met there were really warm and welcoming.  The atmosphere was eclectic and cosmopolitan.  It was full of character, artists …and sales staff who wore fairy wings!  There are lots of shops selling crystals and semi-precious stones (ok, I admit it, I bought some for some jewellery I have been inspired to make but haven’t had time to have a go at yet :)).  The art exhibition was held in the Assembly rooms, built in 1864, which has a long history as a place of community and the arts.  Interestingly, during WWII,  the building was requisitioned for use as a social club for American GI’s- and Lindy Hop came to the South West of England 😉

For a list of artists displaying at the exhibition, follow this link  Goddess Conference 2012 where you will also find lots of information about the conference itself!

Assembly Rooms

Sacred Place – we all had a hand in decorating the floor 🙂

Beadwork by my mate Ange 🙂

Ember Vincent – Pagan ceramicist – I love this piece!

Sue Quatermass, Exhibition Curator (obviously, it’s not her, but her work ;))

Amber Skyes – I will soon own one of her prints 🙂

Sharing the space with such an amazing and talented bunch of people was a lovely and interesting experience – to be a part of the developing group dynamics over the five day period was most enjoyable!  There was a lovely feeling of belonging and it was quite sad when it was time to pack up and go back to our daily lives.  I met at least a few people who I know I will be seeing again and who I hope will remain a part of my life 🙂

Unfortunately I couldn’t be a part of the closing ceremony but I have a couple of pictures for you, which I hope has captured a tiny bit of the wonderful atmosphere as the procession marched from the town hall and through the town  🙂

That was almost the end of my adventure…but not quite!  I managed to get a bit lost on my way out of Glastonbury (due to my sat nav being a twat nav) and I ended up somewhere in Somerset, in a petrol station, where I noticed a petrol leak…Gah!  After a bit of a panic, the young man at the pumps managed to persuade his brother to help me out – so, long story short, my leak was fixed and I got home safely, albeit a bit later than planned!  Divine Goddess intervention??  If I had not got lost and had been on the motorway, who knows what might have happened!  My faith in humanity was restored by the random acts of kindness that I experienced and the unwavering hospitality of my old friends Ness and Rob, who provided accommodation, food and laughs 🙂

Upon my return, I was inspired to make more Goddesses – bet that surprised you 😉  I was inspired by a lovely lady who was heavily pregnant with twins – she gave birth naturally the day after I last spoke to her and mother and babies are all doing great!

On that note, I will leave you in peace until the next time…the following links will take you to more information about Glastonbury and the Goddess.  If you find yourself in Glastonbury, visit the Goddess Temple – it is an amazing tranquil space where you can leave your woes at the door and enjoy a bit of peace! Go well, treat yourself and each other right and take joy from the world around (yup!  I have always been a bit of a hippy at heart) 🙂


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