I’m In!

I had been planning and waiting to move into my new studio at Quex Park Craft Village in Birchington for a little while but now I’m in!  I took possession of the keys a week ago today 🙂

I was a bit taken aback to find the floor in such a mess but hey ho, it will be sorted out.  I have had some new electrics to cope with my lampworking paraphanalia – you know when you mentally plan something out and then, when faced with the reality, all the little fantasies evaporate and somehow, nothing is quite how you expected.  Circumstances dictated that  I wasn’t able to move everything in until the following Monday, so I did what I could and made do with a mini set up – at least I was able to get my beads out! 😉

I was pleased when the weekend was over and I could get moved in properly.  I kept busy in the meantime by finishing off orders and making lots of signs – including the letters spelling the business name, with the help of my daughter!

I managed to lose and ‘S’ for a while there!  Not sure the sign is staying as already a very smart young man put his fingers all over the tools and then asked where the Smarties and puppy was. :-/

Getting there – one of the torches is in, kiln and ventilation sorted!  I found the ‘S’ too!  Surely it’s time for melting glass!

I was a bit nervous  – after melting glass and creating in an isolated environment for so long, was I going to be able to concentrate – was I going to be distracted by what was going on outside?  I needn’t have worried – I plugged myself in to a bit of loud ‘Muse’ and guess what emerged from the flames! 🙂

I’m still not finished moving in properly, I am waiting for some new benching for displays, the floor needs to be finished, art work and sculptural pieces installed (more about that another time – you will love it!) and I need a cost effective way of heating the studio but I’m getting there…in fact, being surrounded by the other artisans in the craft village and the wonderful countryside environment of Quex Park, I have had a creative burst!  Hope you like them 🙂

Finished off with a new Dragon…I was thinking Henrietta…what do you think?  If you would like the opportunity to take part in my Facebook giveaways, make sure to pop over and ‘like’ my page – at particular business milestones, you will automatically be entered into a draw (see notes for details).

Well, although there is still a bit more to do, the new studio is operational and my tuition diary is filling up!  Loving every minute!

Thank you for stopping by and being involved in my journey 🙂  And remember, whatever you put out there today is coming right back at you, so make it good!  Big hug -mwah! 😉


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