Point and Shoot…

Happy New Year everyone!  Normality has resumed – well, what passes for normality around here anyway, which amounts to organised chaos…so, I digress already – which in the past earned me the title of Lady Tangent! 😉

My camera died 😦  He served me well for a number of years.  I was upset, especially when the man in the camera shop laughed when presented with the little chap for potential repair…how very rude!


Those of you who follow my posts will know that photography isn’t my strong point.  I don’t know my F stop from my elbow!  And what the heck is ISO?  Information System Override? Intelligent Sock Order?  Isoelectric Sausages Overhead?  The meaning completely eludes me and I know I must have Googled it in the past… You know when something has no meaning for you?  No matter what you read about it, or try to, makes no sense?  I will look at a paragraph on camera settings and it’s like it goes out of focus ( 🙂  Excuse the play on words there – I just couldn’t help myself).  My eyes slide away, my brain thinks about anything but the subject matter – does that happen to you?  SEO does that to me as well.  Don’t get me started on that!  Meta tags…*shudder*.

2013-01-02 11.21.362013-01-07 10.00.54

Anyway, I had to get a new camera.  I researched it.  I have no problem with that part…I am an expert shopper.  What choices!  Should I go for a similar camera to my poor little point and shoot?  No.  I am thinking I need to up my game where photographing my glassy creations is concerned.  Thankfully the beads look much nicer in real life that they do in a picture, but that is no excuse not to do the best you can!

Mind you, the same bead can look quite different, depending on the background, the light and how much you fiddle with them in photo editing software!

2013-01-04 10.44.03010

Right then.  I am determined (I thought to myself) to face my fear.  SLR or DSLR (go on, click if you dare), when I looked it up my eyes were reading the words but my brain was doing the equivalent of sticking it’s fingers in it’s ears and singing ‘la la la’ very loudly!  I don’t get it?  Having been a scientist for years, I am used to dealing with and learning about complicated bits of kit – I can programme a robot for heavens sake!  Can you see what’s happening here?  Even trying to write about it is a trial… 😉


Long and very boring story short, I decided on a ‘bridge‘ camera.  This is one that has the facility to point and shoot with it’s automatic settings but if you want to, you can switch it to manual and fiddle with the F stop (that sounds positively rude).  Guess which route I shall be taking, despite my good intentions 😉


All I needed to do was work out where the macro setting was and voila!  Lovely pictures!  Just as an aside – I have been experimenting with metal inclusions in my beads…Loving it! 😀

I would love to show you a picture of my new camera but couldn’t do it justice with my phone, so I’ll just show you this instead! 😉


Bet you thought with that title that I had gone all gangster!  No, not gangster but maybe a little bit ‘Gangsta’ innit 😉

I hope the year ahead brings you health and happiness and if it brings you wealth, you know where to find me 😉

Look after yourselves, remember, we only get one go at this life malarky, don’t put off stuff  – do it.  If there is someone you are thinking of?  Contact them. Something you have always wanted to try?  Try it (so long as it’s legal!).  Someone you love?  Tell them.  Until next time my lovelies 🙂  Mwah!


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