Don’t You Know Who I Am? ;)

I decided it was time to make a video of making a bead for my website, just to add a bit of interest, because melting glass is a pretty fascinating business!  I am also writing a tutorial for a Ha!  It’s a secret…for the moment 😉

I had a go at a DIY film, which was great, except that all you could see was my nicely in-focus hand, right in the way.  So I got the professionals in.  Kezia Martin is as professional as they get.  She arrived under a mass of bags and cases, camera’s, data cards and tripods.  We always need a back-up plan she said.  She was right 😉

Kezia is a successful film editor and is currently in Oxford working for a very prestigious University.  She very kindly offered to make my films for me and hopefully we will be working together in the future when I have more tutorials to write!


So, we do a few trial runs during which I thought Kezia might actually dribble on my torch!  A woman after my own heart, she got sucked in to the beauty of the flame and the spiritual nature of melted glass.  She was oohing and ahhing all over the place, which was just lovely for me – apart from when I had her elbow in my face and when she was almost sitting on my lap trying to get this shot or that shot!


It’s much harder being a film star than I had imagined.  Repeat this, stop talking, repeat that and doing the same thing over a few times….mind you there was time for us to quaff copious amounts of tea and scoff a packet of Digestives between us!

DS3 DS5 DS11

So what was I making?  I had decided on Dragon Scale beads.  They come in all varieties.  With silver leaf, without silver leaf, etched, left shiny, little scales, overlapping scales and the colour choices are endless!

DS10 DS9 DS4

For the purposes of the video, I went for the simplest option – plain ivory, silvered ivory dots over which I have dotted a little colour.


Basic Dragon Scale Bead Demonstration

Well, we did it in 3 takes plus the back up plan, when one of the data cards started playing up – not sure how much editing it required or how much was left on the cutting room floor due to my inane babbling, so without much ado, please take a look at my debut (click on the picture above) 😀


That’s all for today, next time I will hopefully be able to tell you about my new fire-breathing dragon and how much more quickly I can melt glass with it! 😉

As usual, take care, look after each other and live every day as if it were your last and don’t forget, anything is possible with the right attitude – and a hammer 😉  Nanoo, nanoo, over and out! 😀


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