Frit Testing For Dee, Glass & Ceramics

I have been testing frit for Dee at  (her website – Ju-San ) oooh!  She has some wonderful things – I have my eye on mermaid tiles, shells and the Steampunk ones would be fab for my kitchen…but before I get carried away, I need to post some results!

Bath Bubbles   Cool crisp opal blues and turquoises with a hint of violet

This is a lovely vibrant blue blend,  I used it on Effetre orange:

I encased in clear and plunged a cold clear stringer in two places and twisted until it would twist no more, then melted off the stringer.

Next over Effetre Yellow Ochre – I overloaded this one and so it has completely overshadowed the base but gives a very pleasing look of stormy seas.  I ran a wind of clear over and dragged it to create the swirl effect.

Finally, I made a base bead of Effetre baby blue:

All together now!   The possibilities are endless…mmm, I think it would look great on black…

Pond Life  Six shades of ocean greens and turquoise

This one immediately reminded me of light airy glades and ponds, so I put some on a yellow ochre base and on the back of the little frog clinging to the bead!  He thinks he is camoflaged!

I liked vibrancy of this frit, so I dressed one of my ladies in some:


I think she likes her new outfit!

Here it is on Effetre Copper Green:

Update:  Dee has been making lots more lovely frit blends and I have had the pleasure of testing them for her – a little pinch of this, a little less of that – ah!  Just right!  You can find them here

So, these beads were made using Peach Confetti, a lovely delicate mix of pinks and peach.  It behaves well, can take a bit of heat and reacts nicely on different backgrounds – I especially like it on white.

Pompeii is lovely – bright and cheerful and great on a variety of backgrounds – oranges, vermillion and blue!

Aquarius – rich blues, aqua and turquoise with a touch of warm orange.  I love the effect when swirled!

Valentino – Romantic and rich, this frit lends itself to so many different types of bead.

Floribunda – gorgeous eclectic mixture for a bit of sophistication!  Lovely reactions going on on this purle background.


Summer Hols – my favourite!  Reminds me of the height of Summer – full blooms, tropical islands….

Kee watching this page as I will update each time a new blend is ready – there are a couple more in progress right now but am keeping them under wraps at the moment – top secret!! 😉


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