The Business Meeting.

As a glass artist, I feel I have grown my little business as far as I can get it to go.  I create glass bits and bobs, jewellery, knobs, beads…anything I can think of really. I have branded my product and marketed as best I could via the interweb (yes, well, Facebook does count doesn’t it?) – I even went so far as to look into SEO…shudder.  I have gone as far as I can go on my own and decided I would need to enlist some help if I were to be able to grow my little business further.  I’m not quite ready for Dragon’s Den… I’ve only just made a start with the Dragon’s eyes, let alone a whole herd of them – and don’t they look mean, headed up by Deborah Meanone 😉

dragonsden 2013-11-24 10.40.29

No, I needed to start with friendly faces, find out what my next steps should be and how to set of on that road.  So, dressed in my best ‘I am an eccentric artist’ outfit, hair newly ‘oranged’, I boarded the train to London, armed with my earphones and Kindle, as people tend not to be very friendly on UK trains – or too friendly!

Two hours later I am on the tube, heading for the Victoria and Albert Museum in South Kensington.  The perfect place to start, seeing as it’s the world’s greatest museum of art and design.  We began at the Pearl Exhibition.  I was in heaven, starting with the shells, how pearls form and the most beautiful shells I have ever seen. The exhibition was packed to the gills, so it was difficult to see everything properly in the first part of the exhibition but what intrigued me more than anything else, was the unity of women from all walks of life, their similar reaction, comments and noises of pleasure 🙂

The exhibition took us through time – I have to admit, the most beautiful pieces for me were the earliest creations and then the contemporary pieces.

2013-11-26 12.17.31 2013-11-26 12.12.37 2013-11-26 12.11.20

I found out rather late in the day, that photo’s were not permitted – whoops! 😉

Anyway, so back to the women packed into the exhibition – I was startled, intrigued and highly amused to hear rumblings from almost every group (including us, who were merrily plotting a Thomas Crown Affair affair) about how to steal the exhibits and what they would steal!  Women all around could be seen carefully examining the cases for hinges and scanning for camera’s!  I am not joking!  It was hilarious. These were women from all walks of life, talking about a heist in the V&A!  But you know what, everyone could hear everyone else and it became a mass conspiracy and the feminine power shone through as we moved through the exhibition and by the time we left, we were on smiling and nodding terms, if not speaking terms, with every woman we saw!  It was delicious.

We moved on to the jewellery exhibits, which are amazing – if you’ve never been, I highly recommend it!  So, soon it was lunchtime. Down to business.  Like you, I have had my fill of business meeting over the years.  From informal discussions, to corporate (boring) fiasco’s but I’ve never quite had a business meeting like this one.  We started with a brief overview accompanied by plenty of this…


some of this, lasagne

some more of this 200345957-005 Wine

some of this, pudding

with just a drop more of this red-wine

before heading back to the V&A to continue …what was it again?  Oh yes, our business meeting – hic.  Where did those four hours go??  We looked at the fashion, stained glass and sculpture, where I got told off for the second time that day!  Oops 😉

We decided to continue our meeting in a place more conjucive to a business meeting and left, but not before discovering the Dale Chihuly exhibits!  My photo’s are rubbish but you can find his work here.  These exhibits are colossal, when you consider they are blown glass sculptures….ooooooh!

2013-11-26 16.58.00 2013-11-26 11.42.58

I bet you can’t guess where we went to conclude our business meeting!  I don’t have a clue where it was, but they had cake and fine wine!

2013-11-26 17.25.47 tartetatin

Like all good meetings, we established that we had to have another meeting – next time we are going to the Shunga Exhibition at the British Museum 🙂   I came home full of inspiration…the following pieces are dedicated to the ultimate femininity and unity of purpose of the wonderful women we met at the pearl exhibition 😀

2013-11-29 11.35.59 2013-11-28 15.21.29 2013-11-28 15.21.11

And the following pieces are something I have been obsessing over, to obtain the perfect colour combinations 🙂

2013-11-28 12.22.45 2013-11-22 12.35.01 2013-11-22 12.33.31

Oh yes, happy holidays, whatever and if you celebrate and if you don’t! Ho ho..zzzzz 😀

2013-11-24 10.43.01

Now I don’t condone eavesdropping but next time you visit and exhibit, keep an ear out for Thomas Crown Affair rumblings 😉

Big hugs one and all, remember we only get one go on our beautiful planet, be kind to each other and yourself.  Over and out…until next time 🙂